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Addapave Tree Pit System

The Addapave TP (tree pit) systems are designed to provide an attractive, low maintenance porous paving system using a variety of natural or recycled aggregates.

A UV stable Polyurethane (PU) resin binder is mixed with a suitable natural or recycled aggregate with a typical grading of 6-10mm.

The open texture achieved provides a highly porous surface allowing the tree roots access to both air and water penetration.


• Permeable

• Highly durable

• UV Stable

• Low Maintenance-no replacement of mulch or loose aggregates

• Aesthetically pleasing, using natural and recycled aggregates

• No trash collection, animal waste or cigarette buds

• No liability as a tripping hazard

• More economical than steel grates


When being installed on new plantings, trees should be planted a minimum of 2 inches and a maximum of 6 inches below the desired finished grade of the Addapave TP material. Since roots will not grow where no moisture is present, the more drainable aggregate that is placed on top of the root ball the less likely roots will grow towards the surface and cause damage to surrounding structures. A geo-textile weed barrier should be installed between drainage rock and root ball. Installing correctly will stop upheavals and damage to city infrastructures.

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