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Addaprint Deep Set (DS) – Resin Bound Imprinted Decorative Surfacing

The Addaprint Deep Set (DS) Resin Bound surfacing system provides an attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates and glass. The finished surface provides a cold applied bound paving system which is flexible, UV stable and resistant to cracking.Addaprint DS can create distinctive patterns for safety, demarcation and style.


Addaprint DS offers a smooth trowelled finish with a deep imprinted pattern that has no loose aggregate and can be printed in a variety of patterns from cobble to herringbone. This system enables continuous areas of textured surfacing without joints and also has the advantage that no grout is required. This means that the surface can be pressure washed for cleaning purposes, weed or debris removal. As there are no grouted or mortared joints there is no danger of washing out the joints therefore correct cleaning will not cause damage but simply restore the area to a clean surface.


• Aesthetically pleasing

• Durable

• Low maintenance

• Natural and recycled aggregates

• UV stable

• Creative designs

• Can be applied to asphalt, concrete or other suitable substrates

The Addaprint DS system is ideal for many situations from footpaths to drives, and has been used at luxury car showrooms, school playgrounds, patios, exhibition and traffic calming schemes. Aggregate and resin colors enable a selection of finishes that ensure the surface is aesthetically pleasing and compliments or contrasts the surrounding surfaces depending on the required look and intended propose.


For all traffic use, the Addaprint DS must be inlayed to a depth of 15mm and finished flush to the surface, this ensures the leading edge is protected and reduces traffic impact noise.


Where is Addaprint DS used?

• Footpaths

• Car parks

• Driveways

• School Playgrounds

• Theme Parks

• Retail units

• Landscaping schemes

• Pedestrian precincts

• Heritage sites

• Entry treatments

• Speed humps

• Table tops

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