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Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing

The Addastone resin bonded surfacing system provides an attractive, hard wearing, low maintenance surface by bonding or fixing loose gravel aggregates to concrete, asphalt, wood or metal. Aggregates bonded with resin to a surface give the appearance of loose gravel without the many maintenance problems. A wide range of natural and recycled aggregates can be resin bonded to a variety of surfaces making it ideal for heritage sites, landscaping schemes, parks, paths, driveways, roads and visitor attractions that want the look of loose stone but the convenience of fixed

Major Benefits

• Aesthetically pleasing – decorative natural appearance

• Durable – hard wearing and resilient

• Fixed – does not move, migrate, or wash away

• Low maintenance – requires only occasional sweeping and/or pressure washing

• Anti-slip – textured aggregates provide a good anti skid surface

• Apply to asphalt, concrete, timber and steel surfaces.


Life Expectancy

Resin bonded gravel surfaces are very resilient. However life spans will depend on usage and choices of aggregate. Typical examples of expected life are as follows:

• Pedestrian use – 10-15 years

• Driveway – 8-15 years

• Parking Lots – 5-10 years

• Public Roads – 5-10 years

General Cleaning

Oil, dirt or other common stains should be removed from resin bonded aggregate surfaces by applying a suitable household detergent or similar degreaser.

Resin bonded gravel driveways, paths or paved areas should be swept occasionally to remove loose stones. They can also be cleaned using pressure washers to remove dirt and debris.

To protect surfaces from staining and to aid cleaning and removal of chewing gum a coat of Addatone Surface Protector should be applied.

Alternatives: Resin Bonded or Resin Bound?

What is the difference between Addaset and Addastone?

There are two different systems that use resin to fix gravel aggregates. These are:

• Resin Bonded (Addastone) is a scatter system which provides texture and the appearance and loose gravel. Simplistically it is a layer of resin applied to a suitable surface and covered with loose aggregate. Once cured the remaining loose stones are removed. Thicknesses are governed by aggregate size. i.e. 1-3mm aggregate will have a nominal depth of 3mm.

• Resin Bound (Addaset) is different in that the aggregate is combined with the resin and mixed thoroughly. The material is then placed and troweled to provide a smooth finish while giving you the look of loose gravel. Installation depths are specified depending on the end use and sub-base, normally 5/8”-1”.


Newly treated resin bonded gravel surfaces must be swept to remove excess aggregate as soon as possible using a mechanical road sweeper* or by hand. A further sweep should be carried out after 1 – 3 months to remove remaining loose stones.


*Mechanical sweepers using metal bristles must not be used.


Addastone surfaces are resistant to acid and alkali. However some staining may occur.

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